Urban strategy



Michael Droob, Laust Sørensen, Høgni Hansen, Chris Thompson




Åndalsnes is located at the foot of big mountains, by the river Rauma on a protruding headland in a fjord landscape. With places like Trollstigen and Trollveggen the area has very popular tourist attractions. The qualities of these amazing locations should be cultivated, and form the basis for the development of Åndalsnes.


We propose to focus on Raumas brand and interconnection of nature and culture as the central element. We take the best present qualities and weave them together into a new beautiful and vibrant whole, linking the city to the landscape, to experience it in a new way and strengthen the identity of Åndalsnes.


The project's idea is to open the city toward the landscape. A cable car from the new center up to Nesaksla, will link the city and nature together, and in the new travel, experience how you are received by respectively city and landscape. On the top travelers can meet and exchange experiences in the restaurant or at the new hiking huts.


The main concept is established in the node where the existing city, the railroad and the fjord cruise pier meet. The new promenade will strengthen the relationship between the city and the fjord. The proposal creates a strong framework, and can host different activities, such as Raumarock, Romsdalsmartnan and Norwegian Mountain Festival.



A new promenade strengthens the relation to the fjord, and connects the cruise ship pier, the public plaza, the cable car.

A big open space is preserved for the annual events in the city and keeps the important vistas to the surroundings.

The houses are part of family-like relationships. The in-between spaces increase the privacy in the public space.