Urban strategy



Michael Droob, Laust Sørensen, Søren Dahlgaard, Adam Philp, Henrik Selin




In 2010, the National Arts Foundation announced the film competition "Live close" In our film, we used the hedge as a metaphor for the way we choose to organize life, and how we sometimes choose to have enough in ourselves.


1 million Danes live in single-family houses. That has social, economic and environmental consequences. Why not as an alternative to new types of apartments, address the problem exactly where it occurs, inside the residential areas. We could choose to work with things from the inside out, by condensing some neighborhoods, where the residents would desire to do so.


The building regulation consists of a lot of rules. We propose to change just 3 of them, in order to challenge our culture, mentality and way of life.


1.  If you could sell a part of your plot, there would be money for the residents and the municipality.

2.  If you could build more houses on the existing plot, more people could live there.

3.  If you could build in the new divisions, in-between spaces could be more interesting.


New communities could occur, existing boundaries erased and instead of an absolute privacy or absolute public space, the boundaries would be more fluid and you could opt if you wanted to stay in private, semi-private or public spaces.