1186 m2



Commision, DEAS



Roof apartments and Courtyard



Laust Sørensen, Michael Droob, Sophie Nimb, Pauli Rikaniemi, Ule Grineviciute, Lieven Dhollander




The Courtyard building’s roof needs to be changed. The owners would like to use the property's loft space for 11 new apartments. They are between 95 and 125 m2. The apartments are arranged with kitchen, family and living rooms, as a large main room with high ceiling.


The building is part of a context of two similar buildings. Therefore we keep the facades facing the street simple and symmetrical, with only small dormer windows to increase the staircases. In the facades facing the courtyard we add large dormer windows and a greater variation of skylights to increase light and living space.


The small courtyard is upgraded with a coherent building with functional features and a new common space for the occupants. The building is placed in relation to sun exposure and the courtyard will have more green elements, including a green roof for the building.