Commission · Hej KBH ApS



Scalable Market Hall



Laust Sørensen, Michael Droob, Ule Grinevicute.




We propose a new food market that gently adapts to the local area, and offers a model for a market hall that can expand over time, as the place fulfills the potential that has been shown on Paper Island.


The typology adapts to the historical references on the site and relates to the 3 directions in the area; The Inner Harbor Bridge, the bike bridge to Paper Island and Strandgade. The hierarchy of the directions shows in the dimensions of the building.


The exterior in black stained wood has historical references and the grass on the roof helps to soften the space and to send a signal value of what the building contains.



Site limitations.

Overall height limit plan that subdues the area's old buildings.

Downscaling of the building's volume and historical reference to the area's old warehouses.

Adjusting to local spaces and directions.

Adjusting to the flow of the area´s primary and secondary directions.

The result is a building that adapts to the local history, the scale and directions of the site.

Step 1.  - 600 m2.


In 2017 it is planned to build the first part of the market hall. Enough is established to capture the flow of the area, the scale of the place and creates good plazas in the in-between spaces.

Step 2. - 1200 m2.


The full extension embraces Grønlandske Handels Plads, with a building that provides good squares around it, both in relation to the existing buildings and towards the harbor.