28.000 m2






Refurbishment and Landscape



Michael Droob, Laust Sørensen, Høgni Tummas Hansen, Mikael Stenström, Chris Thompson




The qualities of the court yard buildings as part of the open modernist plan.


In our project, the main idea is embedded in the prefabricated building's qualities, with an added focus on social sustainability, and technical optimization of the buildings energy consumption, to achieve the energy requirement of a 2020 building.


We provide good access for all residents to the common courtyard. It can give residents personal pleasure and experiences in a new community. In the garden we plant an apple grove and create varied spatial spaces and activities.


The Building energy optimization is based on an understanding of the component rationales of the building, and optimized in line with these conditions.


Penthouses are added throughout the existing building's roof area, and the entire building is covered with wood. The wood contains key sustainability performances and gives the building a human presence, in line with the Nordic building tradition.



Current situation


Only two blocks have exits to the courtyard.

New exits


All buildings gets new main entrances from the courtyard.

A new road


The courtyard is down scaled. Parking spaces is within the courtyard to attract more life.

The Apple grove


We plant an apple grove. The trees show the seasons and initiates social events.