115 m2






Art Pavilion



Michael Droob, Laust Sørensen, Emma Wang, Ana Ilharco, Martine Seedorff




Bee-Dome is a proposal for a Menagerie in an open competition at Gl. Holtegård´s Baroque garden.

A tower hides a baroque dome, turned upside down, forming the basis for a live performance, creating a unique insight into a bee-family’s daily work.


A typical feature of Baroque is a sumptuous ornamentation. There are parallels between the language of the baroque geometrics and the precise structure of hexagons in honeycomb. A natural beehive also provides a form of ornaments for both the hive and the place it inhabits. Several artists have worked with bees as they are good at adapting, and at producing their own building material. The project will slowly be transformed by the bees through the period of two years that the pavilion exists.


The tower is in the immediate vicinity of the existing Orangery and will with its verticality, create a strong relationship. The tower inscribes itself in the gardens plan geometry by following the direction of the pathways.